… Lara Croft

Tr3026Lara Croft was born in either 1968 or 1971 and raised at Croft Manor in a world of aristocracy. From age 3 to 11 she had private tutoring. From age 11 to 16 Lara attended the Wimbledon High School for Girls.

Later in 1984, after finishing High School, young Lara requested to accompany renowned archaeologist Werner von Croy, whom she had previously met when he’d lectured at her school, on an expedition to Cambodia, to search for the Iris. Her parents agreed and it was her first of many expeditions around the globe.

From 1991 to 1996 Lara made many important archaeological and histological discoveries. Among others she found the Ark of the Covenant, which can be seen displayed in the hall of Croft Manor in 1996. She also had a run in with the creature known as Big Foot in 1995.

(Source: WikiRaider)