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Lara Croft Tomb Raider Legend Bolivia Bridge (2006)Looking for a stone dais that links to her past Lara travels to Bolivia. There she has a run in with James Rutland who manages to steal a piece of an important artefact from right under her nose. He also mentions that Amanda is helping him, which Lara finds quite odd because she thought that Amanda died back in the ruins near Paraiso all those years ago. But before fleeing the scene, James points Lara in the right direction, back to Paraiso, Peru. A race around the globe for the pieces of the legendary sword Excalibur begins.

The character playing the main role in Tomb Raider Legend, besides Lara, is her former friend Amanda Evert. At first it is unknown that she is such an important figure in the storyline as she hides behind James Rutland and his mercenaries. Another foe Lara encounters is the YakuzaShogo Takamoto who stands between her and a piece of Excalibur. Lara is supported by many friends in this adventure; her butler Winston, her two assistants Zip and Alister and her friends Anaya and Toru Nishimura. The story centres around Lara’s search for her mother Amelia Croft who is often mentioned and seen in flashbacks.

(Source: WikiRaider)

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