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Lara Croft The Angel Of Darkness Model Pose

The story begins in Paris where a serial killer the press have named “The Monstrum” has been terrorizing the city, killing several seemingly unconnected individuals in a brutal, ritualistic fashion.

Lara hasarrived in Paris to visit her former mentor, Werner von Croy. The visit, however, is not pleasant; Lara blames Werner for abandoning her in Egypt at the conclusion of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation. Werner begs for her help, complaining that he is being stalked, and asks that she talk to Mademoiselle Carvier, a friend of his and art historian at the Louvre, but Lara admonishes him and gets up to leave.

In the next few moments, a blur of activity occurs, and Lara is knocked unconscious. When she awakes, Werner is dead, and his blood is smeared both on her hands and the walls of the apartment, forming strange symbols. Unsure of what has happened, and of her own guilt or innocence, Lara flees the apartment, and is pursued down the backstreets of Paris by French police. Eventually, Lara makes it to Carvier’s apartment, and informs her of Werner’s death. A shocked Carvier suspects Lara may be responsible, and telephones the police, but not before carrying out Werner’s last wish that Lara should have his field journal. Lara is again forced to make a quick exit, and ends up spending the rest of the night in an abandoned train carriage in a Parisian slum.

(Source: WikiRaider)

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